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Discmania Creator Series Glow Rainmaker - Eagle McMahon

Discmania Creator Series Glow Rainmaker - Eagle McMahon

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The Rainmaker is a putter designed by none other than Eagle McMahon, one of the most deadliest players on the putting green. Eagle got the opportunity to design a disc of his dreams and he used it well, by designing the world’s best putting putter. The Rainmaker is a slightly lower profile, straighter and beveled version of a P2.“What makes the Rainmaker special to me is the fact I was heavily involved in the design process.

The Rainmaker represents everything I want in a putter. I will primarily use it for putting, but the shape of the disc also makes it an incredible point and shoot throwing putter with great glide.” - Eagle McMahon

Speed: 2
Glide: 3
Turn: 0
Fade: 0.5

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