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Discmania Golden Horizon Vanguard (Kyle Klein Creator Series – USDGC 2023)

Discmania Golden Horizon Vanguard (Kyle Klein Creator Series – USDGC 2023)

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Kyle Klein is your United States Disc Golf champion for 2023! With some unfinished business from a close battle in 2021, he knew there was redemption to be had. Kyle showed a tremendous amount of composure, grit, and tenacity during the grueling four-round marathon and when the last putt found the bottom of the basket, Kyle’s mission was complete. Congrats, Champ!

Get your hands on an exclusive limited edition version of Kyle’s Creator Series Vanguard, featuring this stunning golden rendition to celebrate this extraordinary accomplishment.

Vanguard is the 4th disc created in the Creator Series family. Discmania has crafted another masterpiece in cooperation with Kyle based on specifics he wanted to accomplish. A Vanguard is smooth, trustworthy, and maneuverable.

Vanguard showcases a new level of reliability in our fairway driver lineup. The blunt nose will feel resemblant to an FD1 or FD3 but has slightly smoother margins on the edges and rim on the molding, allowing it to sit more comfortably in the hand. A Vanguard meant to be thrown with force and relied upon when you need it most. A more powerful throw is able to carry forward on a rope and finish with moderate fade and steeper angles of throws can execute a hyzer line or anhyzer that returns reliably with ease.

Pro tip: Creator series discs are signified by informational text embossed on the bottom of the disc so you always know what you are holding, no matter what happens to the fancy stamp on top.

Speed: 9
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 2

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